Friday, July 07, 2006


When a man is made so miserable; when a man is tormented; when a man is subjected to such abuse, torture, and hate that he cries out and asks God to please not let him wake up.......This says a great deal. When a man would rather close his eyes in death than to be awaken to a new day of anguish and misery, how much more evidence do you need that human rights are not part of the days activities. Last week I wrote a letter to the Director of Prisons begging for something to be done about the constant extreme noise and disturbances and just plain chaos that goes on daily in this so-called Chronic Care Unit. I went into detail and described the situation and basically said that this was not a Chronic Care Unit. It is a Torture Chamber. I sent this letter to my sister and asked her to fax it to that office for me. On Monday, June 12,2006, my sister got it faxed and talked to the Director's Executive Officer. This was on Monday. Well obviously, she called and inquired here at the prison because it took not time at all for the retaliation to strike. On Tuesday, the following day at about 1:20pm, the Superintendent, through his Assistant Superintendent Whitner all the way down through the Unit Manager and Sergeant, orchestrated the "get back" by sending in two goons who have never worked Chronic Care. These two literally stormed my cell and immediately began throwing my property into a huge trashbag. As some may know, I am not able to digest food and live on five diabetic boosts per day. The dietician is trying to see if my system can digest anything so she arranged for me to get a banana and peanut butter sandwich and milk at times. Also, the only other item I get is oatmeal cakes. I mostly eat the cream out of the middle just for the taste. Well, they threw 20 oatmeal cakes in the trash. Also, they trashed my radio and Sony headphones which I bought brand new in 2001 for $20. New batteries, most of my ink pens, all of my carbon paper, $4.00 new tubes of AIM Tartar toothpaste for these eight teeth left and well, I can't even think of it all. They desperately wanted to destroy and trash my law books and all of my legal material relating to my case but Huntington and Poteat, the two Redneck guards huddled with the redneck Sgt. and decided to leave that alone. I sat in a daze and for the first time, I had thoughts that I had not had before. Huntington is a fat bald mouthy know-it-all who has no regard for humanity. Poteat looks like a blond preppy Barney Fife, no bigger than Barney if he is that big. Huntington is his hero and idol. While they were just slinging things in the trash bag and throwing books across the bunk, even slung a Bible bending the cover, they took a lengthy break to read personal letters and legal letters. When I told them they could not do that they grinned and said they could do whatever they wanted to do. Yeah, they pretty much can. Two officers also working that day said they could not understand why in the world they were "harassing me" and "trying to hurt me" when I did not bother anybody at all. One officer said he was going to quit before he would have to work with Huntington and Poteat. Another officer stated "damned if I am letting them fools get me killed in here." I sat in a daze in this cell, stuff thrown everywhere, the rest of the day. I cried some, I prayed some, I planned some, I made some vows and I prayed more. Finally about 7pm, I began trying to clean it all up. After they had demolished my cell I asked for a broom. They said I could only have the broom between 6 and 7:30 in the morning. This is suppose to be a place for very sick and dying people but we are not allowed to clean up when needed. This is called a Chronic Care Unit but it is a torture chamber. The cops dictate to medical what they can and cannot do. They keep medical from treating us as needed. The nurses quit like leaves falling off a tree. This medical department has the highest turnover rate in the state. Most of the nurses are contract travel nurses who sign up for three month stints at $40 an hour to do nothing. I mean absolutely nothing but pass out dope and they pass it out the way custody says. They have had about eight uses of force. That is where they chain somebody up then beat them unmercifully with fists, sticks, long flashlights and slam their beads into the cement. One day coming back from medical we looked in the gym and there was a black inmate on the floor and two cops, one Sgt, and a white shirt all over him just pounding their fists into this guy. His hands were cuffed behind his back and he was screaming because they had him on his back breaking his arms. Last week they ran up into a cell and beat the living hell out of one of the orderlies. He was screaming and crying saying "you breaking my arms, you breaking my arms." One of the officers, trying to cover it up because all of us were locked down, he kept saying real calm "just relax, just calm down" and the whole time we could hear the blows landing and the ones on top across could see it all. But this is Chronic Care. Well, I am telling the world, I actually fear for my well being. I am afraid of these cops that they will hurt me and hurt me bad. I fear for my safety at the bands of these barbaric, redneck, murderers. I told one of the guards, "if they told yall to take me out to the field and blow my brains out you would because you would just be doing your job." And they would. This is the state of affairs in NC Abu Ghraib has nothing on the NC Prison system....Nothing. When I am held in a place that is suppose to be for the care of sick and dying people and I spend each day in fear, sitting behind a locked tomb door, wondering when it will slide open and they will come in and beat me to death, there is something bad wrong with the leadership of this state. Bad wrong....It is operating on the same mentality as the cruelest, most backwood, murderous regime you can find. But this is North Carolina. The prison system tells the true story of its' leaders and is its' populace. Again, I fear for my well being. Will you help me. And if your state prison system has a Chronic Care Unit could you please get some information to me on how it operates. Pray for me. Make a call for me if you have time. I do thank you for reading this. Because it is the truth. Nothing added and nothing taken away.............EH


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything you write is pure "Bull Sh#t." Why don't you just shut the h&ll up, do your time and die!

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a strong reaction seems to indicate cupability. Stay stong Eddie.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:59 PM  
Blogger Prometheus said...

Eddie, I know it's been a while since this post...but if you can at all see this...please, contact me. I would love to talk to you. my e-mail is God Bless you, man.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u did the crime now do the time, prisoners have more rights than the citizens on the streets who havent done anything wrong. that in itself is enough to piss me off. no one in the world wants to hear you bit*h and moan over how bad you have it. you're in prison not a country club or retirement home, so shut the hell up and deal with it!

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Currently Eddie is being held in segregation(solitary)
he is sick , his t-cell count is low, as he is living with HIV this is real dangerous. He will be held there until january on bogus charge of having a couple small items like cigarettes with out reciepts. They have targeted him more after the arrests have been made of the sherrifs he reported 18years ago. He is requesting help, support, and more folx to get his story out. PLEASE CHECK HIS MOST RECENT POSTINGS AT thanks

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Hatcher, It would appear you are a very imaginative person. I cant figure out for the life of me how you didnt win your trial with the stories that you weave. But the truth is that the wing you are on isnt the peaceful and safe enviornment you describe. In fact I believe a "fellow cell mate" of your got his throat cut over a simple game of cards. and dont forget the trays that your unit altered into shanks and labeled for killing guards. But Im sure that the use of force is far greater than any of the things you have mentioned right? I mean after all you are a first degree murderer, and if anyone should know premeditated violence it should be you right? I cant believe that those goons you mentioned had the gall to check over your letters. I mean after all, there wouldnt be any gang related info passed around in a facility full of theives and liars. And shame on any inmate that would hide a razor blade in his bible, I mean it just ruins the bindings so. Makes you wonder though doesnt it? I mean just how much louder could your victim have yelled in pain and horror? Could it have been louder than the still living inmate you alleged to see beaten in your wing? I mean after all you planned your violence right, that makes them suffer less. Ya know when it comes down to it though it really is a sad thing. I mean heres a tax based facility paying for your medical care, your living conditions, be that that they may be, and then theres the "$40 bucks" an hour nurses you talk about. Yes it real sad to think of the hundreds of thousands spent to keep your poor sick carcass alive when a .22 shell from any store comes in a box of 50 for only 99 cents. Here you are world, look at this poor helpless beast.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello eddie. i wanted to leave a note saying "stay strong" and offer my support, and i want to add that the horrible people who have terrible, ignorant things to say should spend their time educating themselves rather than wasting time on this board.
love, rogue

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous From the Heart said...

You know what? This is to all you people who sit back and say stuff like "do your time and die". I would be willing to bet that what you think about Eddie is based on What your heard. Because, unless you were there, how else would you know???So I guess that means that you believe everything you hear. I Know Eddie real well, I am his cousin and I have a mind of my own. I believe that Eddie is guilty of some things, especially the obvious ones like the Robesonian Holdup, where he was trying to bring attention to the corruption in Robeson County. By the way, have you read the recent articles on the arrest of the deputies in Lumberton? On that night, Did you know that Eddie ask for the Governor to come and meet with him? Did you also know that the Governor didn't bother? He sent someone, which would tell me that the governor could have cared less about the people in the Robesonian. That also makes me wonder how far up the corruption went. You do the math or are you able?
Ok, all you smart asses out there who think they know it all, with all of that big ole brain you have, tell me how Eddie, with a twisted up elbow, drove by a house on a dirt road, in a moving vehicle, changing gears and with a sawed off shotgun, shot into a house and hit a man in the head and killed him!!!!!!! Come on now, you can do it. Tell me!!!!
Alot of people in Robeson County know that Eddie didn't kill that man. I have friends down there who told me who did it. But, I don't know that. They just wanted Eddie shut up, so they locked him up.
And to the dumbass who wrote "everything you say is BULLSHIT", TELL ME HOW YOU KNOW THAT!!!!
Now to the Ex-con who wrote "prisoners have more rights than people on the street", what prison were you in? Do you know from experience what rights prisoners have? Or do you just assume? Or wait, maybe you are one of the goons who trashes his cell and acts like a demon. Do you get pleasure from this?
Man, are you the smart one!!! Maybe it wouldn't be so hard to deal with his punishment if he wasn't mistreated on a hourly basis. Anyone who wants to trade places with Eddie, please stand up now!!!! Again, what you people think you know out on the street is just hearsay. Until you have traded places with Eddie or any other prisoner, keep your comments to yourself, otherwise you look very ignorant.
For all of you angels out there, please keep praying for Eddie. Only he has to pay for the wrong he has done. I love Eddie and remember that he has family that loves him too. It could be your son in his place. Then it would be you writing this posting trying to help miserable person understand.
You never know until the shoe is on the other foot, or you walk a a mile in another mans shoes.
In God we trust and believe. Eddie can be forgiven for what he's done, can you?
In the fight for Eddie and In God WE Trust. From the Heart!!

3:15 PM  
Anonymous said...

I don't know what happens in Robeson county or what have you, but the statements written by Mr. Hatcher about the North Carolina Department of Correction is absolutely ridiculous and not true at all. I'm an officer at Alexander Correctional Institution, where this convicted, INMATE, Eddie Hatcher is housed. This correctional facility is more like a retirement home and he has it made. They get canteen 20 times a week, they have two TV's in each wing, one for sports and the other for movies. They pay five dollars to see a doctor, wouldn't we all love that privilage out here on "the street". This includes anthing from an ingrown toe nail to open heart surgery. Isn't that nice? Also, every time any use of force happens, it is investigated to the bone. I will admit, since we've opened, we've had one staff member moved due to excessive force, but that's very uncommon. Actually, use of force at our facility period is very uncommon and mostly when their is a use of force, it's over two INMATES fighting. INMATE Hatcher is able to live the "american dream" in prison, which is where he does belong. Do your research... taxpayers of North Carolina are paying out the whazoo for these convicted FELONS. Check the budget out, it costs $29,098 each year to house just ONE INMATE. Multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of convicts that are housed in North Carolina facilities. So Mr. INMATE Eddie Hatcher NCDOC# 0173499, if you so get the opportunity to read this, you should be ashamed of yourself. All you activist need to tell him this. You are full of lies and this big religous robe you try to put on may work for all these soccer mom's and so on that read your bull crap, but not for me. You are a convicted felon and you have life in prison for murder. Live with it. And if you are not guilty, my prayer is that the truth is found out and you are set free.
But if not, you deserve the punishment that was set forth. And these lies you keep broadcasting in your letters, how do you live with yourself? But being a murderer, I'm sure lies is not much to you.

10:02 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eddie, do you still have access to this blog? How can I get in touch with you or your sister? If Bob was still alive, I could ask him my question, but as you know, he was taken from us. I do not want to ask in a public forum. It's a quick question. The answer may or may not be quick. I have an email account with netzero. The name is danyetda. (It's the usual email address format of
I realize you may not be able to reply quickly, but time is of the essence, if you or your sister are able. That is, I needed the answer last week. Got my fingers crossed you get this in time to reply. I'm writing this May 1, 2007 17:45 EDT. Yours in Solidarity.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Gr8PainInTheAss, I was in the Army from '92 to '95 and we had it even better than prison inmates--free medical, free housing, GI bill (although I wasn't in long enough to get mine)--and it still sucked to be in the Army. And I was able to walk around freely most of the time. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be locked up for most of the day. Oh wow, they get to watch TELEVISION, ain't that something. You know, I have better things to do and I bet inmates do too.

And of course you are gonna say that the prison system doesn't hurt inmates. Your frigging JOB is riding on it. Why wouldn't you lie? You don't get paid if it comes out you are responsible for beating people up. I can't imagine why you wouldn't tell the truth, eh?

Someone being in prison doesn't tell me jack about what they did or didn't do. The legal system is rife with fictions and pretenses, and they let people out for being wrongly convicted all the time. Depriving someone of freedom is punishment enough. There is no need to embellish it with abuse and slander on top of that. Because, I mean, treating a prisoner like shit is TOTALLY GOING TO UNDO THE CRIME THEY COMMITTED. Idiots.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel for you and this messed up situation.I have a bother in prison, but he's locked up in Rahway, New Jersey. I sure it's tough, but why are they doing these things to you? Why is everyone turnig a "Blind Eye", and just to think, "This is "2007". Should we really be dealing with such inhumanity towards one another? Writing from Lumberton, North Carolina - Robeson County. It's the same bull-shit, just a differant day. How much more time in there do you have?

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you fail to mention what you did that put in in prison in the first place. Who did YOU make suffer? a child maybe? hhmmmm...this is very one sided. you also forgot to mention that the state and us taxpayers are PAYING for YOUR medical care that is costing in the thousands!!!! while working poor people can't even go to a doctor, their children suffer for that. so you keep whining, while you lay there having FREE healthcare, and maybe we will see something on here from your VICTIM and how they are suffering from what you did. the prison system is full of inmates who did crimes to others, so, what you did to others is coming back to you threefold.

6:55 AM  
Blogger The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

Rest in Peace

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your ass is dead now! Haha!

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A feature film based on the hostage events and original trial is in development. The script is written the story will be told.

It is shame that most "based on true story" films are made after someone directly involved has passed away.

Everyone involved in railroading Eddie and keeping him down will love the fact that he will be immortalized on the big screen.

His story of corruption in Robeson County NC and the all the players involved will inadvertently have their story told as well.

It is shame Eddie couldn't see the film come to life, but something tells me he is looking down with a smile.

Rest In Peace.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have known Eddie for over 20 years. I know that he is resting in peace. Before he died the star witness in the McMillian murder trial had written him a letter saying "she lied on the stands because the RCSD were going to make boyfriend pull time if she didn't lie."I have read the letter and do have a copy.
But, not even the lawyers from this trial would look at the letter. When contacted they said told me "we don't want anything to do with Eddie Hatcher."It didn't matter to them that this woman lied on the stand.

To these person who said "this was bullshit." It is clear you didn't know Eddie. Now, I don't agree with the way he handled things. But, I know why he did it.

Prior to the events Eddie work has a houseparent is a shelter for abused children (Hope House) and he was also a member of the cast of the outdoor drama "Strike at the Wind!" WITH ME.

To the person who says they are making a movie about it. The person in charge of his estate probably won't let you do that.

I know the people on the drug dealers map he created are "dancing in the streets." I want them to know that "their time will come also."

We are raising the money to have him creamated, do what he wants and have an Indian burial ceremony.

Eddie is finally free, no bars can hold his spirit. He can soar with the eagles.

In the last letter he wrote me. He told me "when he died, he will be free." Now he IS.

To all of you who are laughing. Remember, he is free and you are still stuck here!

12:57 PM  
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be strong dude...good things will come for good people


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