Monday, June 12, 2006

"Snitches or Reliable Informants"

May 18,2006

As all days this place has been hectic and stressful. This is suppose to be a chronic care unit for sick and dying people but the stress level is so extreme. When I wake up in the morning my stomach automatically knots up wondering what is going to happen today. Well today, early this morning the scene was laid out. Radio, a big, greedy idiot who has become so addicted to the wheelchair that he won't even get up and take a few steps to his bed; he rolls up to the side of his bunk then lays over and like rolls into the bed. God, you talk about a sight to see. It is a sight all right. I wish to God I could video that....It is like a huge blob just falling over head first into a mattress. This morning at med call he did his usual trick of cuffing some of his pills, his neurotin's. He sticks them down between his legs. This morning he accidentally dropped one and rolled on off to his cell. Well, it just so happens that one of the cops was watching the whole thing. So when Radio rolled off the cop picked up the pill and watched him. He went back to his cellblock, to his cell, then in about one minute he rolled back out to the med area and was stupid enough to ask the cop if she had found a pill he dropped. She said, "and why had you gotten to your cell before you realized you had dropped a pill? Was it not where it was suppose to be?" Anyway, he was written up as the cop had seen every thing from beginning to end. Now greed caused this write-up for Radio. The greed for one dollar he would have gotten for the neurotin. He was suppose to mark that pill and that one dollar as a loss and just let it go. But no, he was so greedy that he went directly back to the cop who had watched the whole thing to ask if she had found the pill. Greed! My God how greedy can you be. And they still don't believe me when I tell them, "you will build up a little something or maybe a lot then bam....Something will happen and you will lose every bit of it." And that is the truth. God does not like greed. He loves charity and giving even when you don't have it to give. But what made it worse, Radio went to the Unit Manager and dropped a dime on somebody, Cleever(like a meat cleaver--use your imagination) telling that he had a shark(knife) in exchange for a suspended sentence. The police came in, locked the cellblock down, searched all out in the cellblock then went into cleever's cell and tore it up. Really disrespected his property. And he did not have a shark. Not a one. But Radio still got a suspended sentence. And then had the nerve to get in my and Cleever's face talking about the liar who went out and told it. Both of us want to beat the hell out of him but I told him it will take care of itself. Things usually take care of themselves. This is the type of snake, back-stabbing devils we are forced to live around. They will kiss you and be sticking a knife in your back at the same time. That is why I stay in my cell all of the time and have little association with these rats. I am sorry I am late getting this entry in. I have to depend on someone who is erratic and unpredictable. Sometimes I go over two and three weeks without one word from them. Their life is in such turmoil and grief. But they don't really know turmoil and grief. They need to be spending time in a quiet place thanking God for all of their blessings and stop to look around at the world at the prisons to see what turmoil and misery really, truly, is. Yall have a good day. Thanks for the supportive comments. I really do appreciate them and you too anonymous one. Take care....EH


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Eddie Hatcher, kidnapper, murder, how do you know how radio gets into his bed. Can you see from your cell, which you say you never leave, into radio's cell? Maybe your x-ray vision is whats destroying those prison eyeglasses you cant see out of. What do you think Eddie Hatcher, kidnapper, murder, queer, liar? What do you really think?

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Anonymous eddie's psychiatrist said...

Your psycho and even I can't helpg you. P.S. You are also a big cry baby. Do your time you murderer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eddie, how did you get aids, was it in prison?

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