Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"24 Hour Casino"

Hello from the war zone. No! Not Iraq or Washington DC. From a prison somewhere in the remote parts of North Carolina. I have been listening to the little Walmart $2.50 walkman they allow us to have trying to block out the wails and bellows coming from the mouths of idiots. The sound of dominoes being slammed on a stainless steel table. They can't lay them, they have to slam them. Can you imagine that sound. Then there is the other crowd two tables up playing spades. And guess what? Yeah, they have to slam the cards too. They can't lay them down they have to do some kind of jerk with their wrist that like makes them pop when they hit the table. Then let us travel two tables over to the left and there we have the round table of idiots all of them trying to talk about things they know nothing about. So each one is striving to come up with the next very impressive sounding comment or statement to outshine the previous statement and every statement being made is so idiotic it is unbelievable. Just today at the roundtable, new laws have been invented into existence. NASA has a ship loaded with astronauts headed to Mars to build a colony by September. The killer bees are landing in DC and on and on. Sometimes I feel like a reporter from the Enquirer is hiding out at the table wiring stories to Florida. Then we can move to the front tables which are always occupied by the TV and sports addicts. God they are in heaven with two brand new Hitachi 27" pretty color TV's mounted 15 feet up the wall. Necks craned. Tongues hanging out. Lusting and licking at half naked women on once and half naked basketball players on the other. You don't know if the are lusting over the women or men. Having two TV's serves as a great cover. Then move a table back and you have all of the Bookies and gamblers checking their ticket and the scores popping across the bottom of the screen and the bookies spotting tomorrows tickets. One table back and over to the right you have the junkies trying to send their runners to score their next high or tomorrow mornings high or tomorrow afternoon, on and on. They go so many days in advance the contracts are being negotiated. Then somebody hits a ticket and the junkie shoots a runner to him quick for a quick loan to buy a fix. And everything just travels from table to table. Somebody places a bet at the Dominos table and the kitty is getting high. One of the big bookies is running through the cellblock with his sports section flying beside him. From one door that leads to F cellblock on one side to the door across that connects to D cellblock he yells asking the cat to repeat the game he is putting the money up. While he stands there transacting the bet somebody comes up to him for some race tickets. Nothing is left out. And this quick cellblock activity report is an 18 hour a day, and longer. Constant on-going events. It moves without cease. Without interruption. There are big payoffs. Everyday. But it is not really the payoffs that keep the people coming back. It is the mirage all of it creates. A mirage that hides the reality. Hell, this ain't prison. It is little Vegas! Take care......EH


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Eddie Hatcher, kidnapper and murder. I'm curious. How much do you get when you sell your methadone the the junkies in search of a fix? Enough that you don't have to eat the nutritious food served in the mess hall? Do you get paid in canteen food?

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