Monday, May 08, 2006


April 9,2006
Hey, you would think that tax-paid government employees would be more prone to want to obey the laws of the land and do what is right. But you'd better guess again if you are talking about Department of Correction Workers in NC. While not all of them are crooks. A whole lot I have met over 16 years have been and are. You would also think that after they have been notified of the fact that USA Today has proof they have been either keeping or destroying quite a few of my USA papers, they would at least slow up their illegal activity. Well you would lose if you had bet on them. They did not just destroy another newspaper the week following the notification, they did away with three. If this is not blatant in your face, screw you and the US Postal Service, I don't know what is. Obviously the Director of Prisons or his boss Theodis Beck gave them an award. Maybe if I give you a little history of who and what is running the NC Prison system you will get a better feel of the crookedness which abounds. About 1995 or thereafter, there was a sexual harassment claim filed against a DOC employee within the Department of Parole and adult Services. The employee, it was alleged, by Pamela Robinson, had repeatedly made sexual overtures and verbal advances of which all had been unwelcome and unsolicited. Robinson, through the EEOC filed a complaint in the Administrative Courts. At this time, the Director over this department, where all parties worked, was none other than Theodis Beck, the present day Secretary of Correction. During this somewhat high profile, complicated case, all kinds of attempts were made by the defense to scare and intimidate Ms. Robinson. It did not work. When the employee first investigated Ms. Robinson's claims, he found that she had in fact been sexually harassed and had made a prima facie case. Months later the Director, Theodis Beck, ordered the employee investigator to re-do his report which he did wherein he found there was no sexual harassment. To make a long story short, during the trial, the judge, through the plaintiff's lawyer, found that Theodis Beck had not only hid evidence but had destroyed evidence including the copy of the employee investigators first report. The Administrative judge had some very deserving brutal things to say to Beck and the judge in his order called it for what it was. The outright conspiracy between Theodis Beck, the employee investigator and the assistant NC Attorney General defending the predator and their destruction of lawful and probative evidence and their attempt to hide this and further evidence. The Assistant NC Attorney General, under NC Attorney General Michael Easley, was
fired. But the minute Michael Easley moved into the governor's Mansion, guess who he appointed as NC Secretary of Correction? Yeah, Theodis Beck. This is the great, law abiding example Easley placed over the prison system. A pay back for his dutiful lying and deceipt Beck performed to protect a predatory DOC employee. The good ole boys rallied Beck to the top. Beck is Black and guess what? He will be the first one to tell you he has no authority in the operation of the prisons. All the love in the world could not move Easley to put a Black man over all the white DOC people in the director's office so while Beck is Easley's figure head for lying and destroying evidence, Boyd Bennett is the Director of Prisons and runs everything. Beck can't run anything. Nothing!! Except sit back making it look allright that 70% of the prison population is Black and is getting chained then having the living hell beat out of them. So, is it any wonder all of these prison employees say to hell with Postal laws and continue to destroy my newspapers. Hell, if their boss can get the top prison job in the state at $82,000 a year for hiding and destroying legal evidence in court, my God, what can't they get for hiding and destroying Eddie Hatcher's USA Today. The USA Today pays thousands to the US Postal Department for the safe and timely delivery of their newspapers. It is their responsibility, and duty to file a formal complaint with the US Postal Inspector as well as to turn over the results of their investigation to the US Attorneys office in Washington, DC. I need your help. Please email USA Today and raise the devil that they file the complaint. Yeah, it seems like a lot. But if you go take something out of someone's mailbox, I will guarantee you would get 10 years in one of the 5000 prisons they have. If you don't believe me call the Federal Bureau of Prisons and ask them how many people are in federal prisons for either destroying mail, stealing mail or tampering with mail. See how many. But what scares me more than my newspapers is this list of over 40 legal letters I mailed months ago and never received a reply. Where did they go. The Director of Prison's office has a very simple eay to possibly prove what happened to this mail but they are not smart enough to think of it plus they do not care. If they don't care about the man who was cuffed behind the back and shackled on his feet getting his face beat to the point of being unrecognized, do you really think they care about mail to a damned lawyer. Please be for real here folks!! You take care. Because your government is not going to help do it. EH