Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Still the Shakedown"

April 18,2006

Well, it has been one week since they literally piled all of my property into a mound with different things sticking out in different places. But I am still stewing on all that went on and what or if I should do. I mean should I just take it along with everything else or should I open my mouth. Of course opening my mouth is what has created all of the hardships of my life pretty much. No, maybe not created but opened the door for the corrupt evil doers to create the hardships. It is not so much what they did to my property or what they did to my property when I am crippled and almost dead. But, well maybe you can decide. This massive cellblock shakedown done in one of the two chronic unit cellblocks was done supposedly to look for a knife. Unit management had been alerted by one of its' many snitches,-- a few of us surrounded by the many-- that there was a knife in this cellblock. So here comes the calvary. When they came in I could here different offices being assigned to search certain cells. That is the very first sign that certain inmates are going to be targeted and basically hung out to dry. So, while my cell was demolished, there were many of the cells that did not even have the sheets turned back. Their mattresses were not taken out to be scanned by the metal detector. They were pretty much not troubled. Next, while they were looking for a knife, on paper, they did not find a knife. As you know, anything can be done on paper. Anything. So, when I say it again, no knife was found, on paper, take it as it is. The problem I am having though is that a knife was very much in fact found. A knife was found in a cell upstairs on the second tier and it was slid inside the guards pocket never to be mentioned again. Nothing has come at all from this weapon being found because no report was made. No prisoner was written up. No nothing. The weapon was removed from the unit quietly, secretly, unbeknownst to many in authority but known to some. The weapon was found also with little effort because it was found on the upper tier which houses the riff-raff. Chronic, sick prisoners are housed on the bottom floor and this is where most of the demolished cells were. Before going any further, this should tell you what kind of chronic care unit this is. Screw with the sick and dying; let the hooligans rule the roost. So, this is my dilemma. It is not so much of raising hell because while they demolished my cell, but raising hell because designated cells were left alone and what they demolished my cell looking for, a knife, was found in a white prisoners cell and not only was nothing done, there was not even a report made. The weapon disappeared out of the cell block and probably the building. This is where my anger rests. Not only was my property clearly disrespected and pillaged, it was done under unquestionable false pretenses and well just outright lies. And the one who had the knife not only escaped long term segregation but his cell was left pretty much intact. So, do I have a right to be upset? Or not? You tell me. I mean, I would not want to give the Dept of Corrections the impression I am acting out of hand, like I am overreacting you know? I don't want them to say I am comparing apples to grapefruits here. Like they so much love to do. In closing, if anyone out there would possibly be inclined to help me little, God knows I would greatly appreciate it. I don't ask for much but since you would like to know, okay. I will give just a short, "off the top of my head" list. Okay, here goes:
1)A lawyer who will sue them bastards for killing me slowly, destroying my insides namely, the three biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country.
2)some law students who would help me on this wrongful conviction by sending cases and offering advise; (since no lawyer is going to help me)
3)someone who would make a pamphlet on the criminal case, the outstanding issues and one on the DOC's attempts on my life;
4)Someone to help me push these humanitarian issues with different relevant international organizations;
5)someone to help launch a massive letter campaign to certain designated officials;
6)Many, many, many people to help with the "two dollars a name" campaign to hire an attorney. Just $2 from an individual could add up. A rusted, honest individual who would serve to see this campaign through, collect the donation and maintain those funds until we have enough to hire a seasoned law abiding attorney. (maybe not law abiding would do better)
7)and, many, many more people to pray like Daniel prayed, three times a day, morning, noon and night. I do thank you. That is my wish list I guess. My sister told me as much as her hopes gets let down, trying to help me, she said, "I don't know how you deal with that." I told her it is easy because I never let my hopes get up. I don't hope...........EH


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eddie, you referred to some people as white did't you???? YOu could not get sheltered on a Indian reservation because you are listed as white on your birth certificate aren't you?????? Perhaps you're 1/2 white and 1/2 lumbee?
The Truth Seeker

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lumbee's are not recognized as a native american tribe by the United States Government. Perhaps it's because lumbee's are really just black and white mixed race. If the lumbee's were given native american status, you'd also have to give it to every other nationality that settled here. I'm of Scotch Irish decent. I'd like to be declared a native american so I can open a casino on my tribal land. And, Mr. Hatcher, as far as you being a political prisoner, public record shows you are convicted of kidnapping and murder. I submit that you are also a liar.

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