Tuesday, April 25, 2006


April 12,2006
I have wrongfully suffered in these gulags of NC for over 16 years but tonight I experienced something for the very first time. And right this very minute I feel like just breaking down and crying till I am sick. I nodded out, did a little traveling like I usually do during the 5:20pm count and change of shifts because I am usually a little mentally tired by then plus it is usually quiet and peaceful. I was long gone from here when my inter-sensory perception quickly alerted me and I rose up in this old wheelchair. Everything was dead quiet but something was still not right. I got up, walked to my door and strained to look down to the cellblock door. Sure enough, outside the door they were gathering. The warlords were preparing to come in on their chattel. I yelled out to alert everyone. They had the whole works. At least 40 calvary, metal detectors, rods, pins for sticking down into lotion bottles, every kind of Homeland Security gadget you could imagine. They sent two pure dickheads to my cell. One, who looked every bit of 16 and not as big as a soaking wet dishrag and weighed no more, I could tell immediately he was trouble. It took 15 minutes, a metal rod, a pipe and a flashlight just to search the wheelchair. I wish to God I could have taken a picture of my cell when they finished. I was sick. As I stood there looking, Captain Moody was a few feet away. I have known Capt Moody before this place was thought of and he is probably the most decent, fair, humanistic officer there is here. If you are right, he will call it right and the same if you are wrong. When I called him to my cell I did not even need to say anything. He just stood there doing what I was doing. Looking....Here I am crippled, almost dead, and they literally destroyed my property. Captain Moody asked who searched my cell. I told him I did not know. I guess just knowing there is at least one human being who has the ability to look through someone's eyes other than their own is good enough. I mean, just to know that at least there is one officer out of 400 who knows it is not right if it is not right. Just knowing there is one on your side if only for 10 minutes eases it. Had Captain Moody not been close by I would still be mad as hell. Let us all say thank you to Captain Moody!!

PS They were looking for a knife that a dishonest inmate said was in here. They did not find one. HA! HA!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Captain Moody is a fair, honest, decent person. Eddie Hatcher is a murderer and a kidnapper.

4:46 PM  
Anonymous mELISSA sTEWART said...

I was a child in high school (Ahoskie NC) when you and Timothy Jacobs took over the Robersonian. I thought you guys were heros and I still do. I have had a hard time finding a lot of information on you two...are you still with us? Timothy? I am so sorry for your plight and I will pray for your struggle will be to the benefit to the generations to come. God Bless.

3:14 PM  

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