Thursday, April 06, 2006


Lights out! Every night like clockwork. Well, it is clockwork I guess. We finally found out, no not found out, because we have known for months along with USA Today and the Hickory Post office that someone here at Alexander Correctional Institution, who works in the mailroom or works with the mail, has been destroying or keeping my USA newspaper. Since I got here and got USA Today started here at this prison, every single week at least one paper and often two days, papers failed to show up. At least twice a paper was missing three days during one week. Anyway, a little over two months ago, the Raleigh office, Director of Prisons ordered this prison mailroom to log all of my mail, to deliver every piece of my mail to me and have me sign for every piece. This now shows every day I did not receive a paper. A couple of months ago, USA Today launched an investigation into all of the missing papers. They felt there were too many I was not receiving. I am not going to say right now how they did it as it may compromise a future investigation but they called my sister this week to tell her they have 100% documented incontrovertible proof that all of my missing USA papers got missing between the prison mailroom and my prison cell. Well, well, well.......Now my USA Today will ask the US Postal Inspector out of Washington, DC to formalize the findings. Hopefully with enough pressure, the US Attorneys office out of DC will prosecute those here at the prison who were responsible. In all truthfulness, the Superintendent Reggie Weisner, a Psychologist, is fully responsible as he runs the prison by not running it. His motto is " all the staff do what you please. Act however you want. Destroy all the mail you want, etc." So he should be held responsible. Of course there will be several guilty parties before it is over because they take all of the inmates mail into the prison warehouse, dump it all out on the big deck and all the prison warehouse workers gather around tearing open and reading and destroying the mail. I am sure all of them will start blaming each other but at least they can not blame the prison guards who deliver everybody else's mail . So if right is done, somebody should lose their job and somebody indicted by the federal prosecutor for federal mail tampering and destruction of property in the possession of the Federal Postal Service. We are going to have to push to keep the heat on. If you can, shoot an email to and tell them those responsible for destroying my newspapers should be held accountable. I would plead with everyone who reads and purchases USA Today to tell them you support their paper and now they need to support Eddie Hatcher and indict the prison crooks destroying his newspapers. I mean, it is not enough he is dying, they want to add a little more misery and destroy his mail.The one thing he looks forward to each day. Please email USA Today and the US Postal Inspector.
Thank you,
Eddie Hatcher and his sister


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HOW, Eddie! Long live EH, keep up the scalping!

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Go Wolfpack!

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Go Heels

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