Friday, April 14, 2006

APRIL 14, 2006
I guess, no I know that this government agency, the NC-DOC is not only getting updates for themselves but for Washington, as to how close I am to death. Back in the fall they were stopping certain ones coming out of the chow hall taking their pictures. I already knew what it was through my contacts. It was part of the FBI's project under Mueller whereby certain prisoners who could work against the government needed to be profiled and affixed together in some book form. Well, I saw they were taking certain Black prisoners with dreds. When I came out, one of the Captains told me to come over. He was about to tell me to stand at the wall to get my picture taken but the "STG", Security Threat Officer, a Latino female sergeant, who was taking the pictures obviously thought I was out of her hearing range and she spoke up and said, "oh no, they already have all about him" and the Captain told me to go on. Yeah, they already have all about me. I guess they do, at least since 1973, that I am aware of. But anyway, old Mueller definitely has his hands in my daily life scale. It is just he doesn't have that one important button he very much would like to have...the death his disposal. He can cause health problems and cause daily hardships but he isn't the big enchilada, so....After the specialist told me all of my insides had been burned out listing the two likely culprits, either the HIV cocktail drugs or poison(viread, videx, keletra) I stopped taking those toxic HIV drugs. Four months after I stopped taking them my T cells were almost 1000 which is way above normal, but my viral lode was 450,000. Over the next four months, I developed strep pneumonia immediately after coming here and told them 5 days after arriving that there was some bad air being pumped into these cells. Well, I just finished the antibiotics for the third bout of strep pneumonia. At the same time my blood work showed my glucose elevated so they started doing fasting sugar checks. For two straight months my fasting sugar levels ranged from 540-620, dangerous levels. Nothing was done. It caused permanent damage to my eyes. At the same time I had a huge staph infection in my arm which had to be cut 4 times. The FNP who was treating me through all of this witnessed and heard and overheard some things that deeply bothered her. They bothered her enough that after a 40 minute conversation with my sister she said she just could not take it anymore and quit with a three or four day notice. She knew. And it frightened her. My bloodwork in February, through all of this four month ordeal showed my T cells had dropped to 420 and listed my viral lode as above 100,000 which I knew was affected by three bouts of strep pneumonia and a long lasting staph infection and sugar readings of 600 and >. The FBI and all the rest probably brought out boxes of ticker tape and said "Let's Party Down!" After being a thorn in the government's side for four decades to the point of taking the top billing on the Justice Department's Terrorist List of the 80's, let us face it. I am hated. It is pretty pleasing to the ear really. As for dying, screw them....My faith has carried me through things most could never imagine. But I will talk more about dying the next time. Or maybe the next. I really don't have time now. I have a lawsuit to draw up and a Petition for Writ of Mandamus. Next time. Take care. Guess who's watching you. Yeah, I have got to talk about that too but if I don't stop, I will have 20 pages and somebody will go to cursing.........EH


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an amazing spirit you have. What gifts Gods has given to you. You know, I have to say this...the ones who have the greatest work for God are the ones satan tries to kill the most! You must have a wonderful work for Christ. I am sorry for the things you have been through...just reading what you write is much enjoyment to me. Not the hardships that you endure but the barbs at the system. You are very funny sometimes. Anyhow, please keep writing and I'll keep reading. I will tell others about your blog. May the peace of God always be with you, brother. Also, could you please translate what seemed to be a prayer in, what was it? Latin?

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

absolute paranoid bullshit - hopefully none of the people reading this will believe a word, because not a word of this is true - just the ramblings of a man who has to pay the consequences for his actions

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Eddie's Mom said...

Blah, Blah, Blah... I'm tired of hearing your same ol' crap son. If you would have went to school and got a job, like I told you to instead of hanging out with those gangbangers everyday, you wouldn't be in prison writing fiction stories. I am enclosing a tube of Vagisil, be sure to apply it liberally.

11:56 PM  
Blogger SimonRaven said...

That ^^^ is obviously not "Eddie's Mom". As for the anonymous coward there, you don't have a clue of what it's like.

That being said, the guy is dead, have some respect, like really. How would you like it if someone disparaged you when you were dead? Second, he was pouring out his experiences, we can't possibly judge that. Your own bible says "judge not, lest you be judged".

It's amazing the kinds of a-holes you find posting random garbage, who hide behind fake monikers.

12:53 PM  

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